To provide our viewers and listeners with programmes that are engaging, entertaining and enjoyable.


To share the African experience that is uniquely refreshing, economically progressive, culturally exciting, socio-politically engaging and revealing with the global community.


The mission of the Company is to enhance global understanding through an appreciation of the world and its people. Using the latest technology in broadcasting, DAAR intends to be the most authentic, independent and trustworthy voice of Africa and the black race, projecting Africa from a holistic perspective, untainted, undiluted and absolutely original.


The Company’s broadcast philosophy seeks to promote African interest, unity and cohesion while respecting historical, cultural and religious sensibilities; discouraging hatred and disaffection amongst people.

It further seeks to promote human dignity, orderly development of society, free speech, responsible government and good citizenship. The thematic philosophy of the station is geared towards the promotion of the values and cultures of Africans across the world.


The corporate goals of the Company include the following:

  • Delivering excellent services in global communications:
  • Maintaining a competitive edge in the global communications industry:
  • Driving a professionally motivated profit-oriented enterprise
  • Being totally committed to the development of the black race and the promotion of global peace;
  • Positively projecting Africa, Africans and the entire black race to the global community:
  • Restoring the dignity and integrity of Africans and ensuring enhanced participation in socio-political, economic, scientific, literary and humanistic endeavours:
  • Developing, maintaining and sustaining a business institution that will be a market leader and providing an enduring platform for professionals to actualize their objectives consistent with the corporate aspirations:
  • Promoting, projecting and defending democratic values and human liberties for the orderly growth and development of society;
  • Advancing positive agenda for peace and conflict resolution through the reduction of tension and friction:
  • Building a trust worthy Brand that is dependable, reliable and a reference in its core lie of business.

Our values

  • We take pride in creating and delivering high quality programmes for our audience.
  • We are committed to being an honest and independent broadcaster.
  • We will always strive to give voice to untold stories, encourage positive debate and continually challenge established perceptions.
  • We respect each other’s diversity and work as a team to bring out the best in each other.

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