Corporate & Social Responsibilities

DAAR Communications success depends on the highest standards of professionalism from all of our employees - in all our external dealings and in how we conduct ourselves in relation to other individuals.

Our success in upholding our ethical principles and guidelines is completely dependent on everyone in the Group understanding and observing them.

Corporate responsibility underpins DAAR’s operations at every level. Delivering products and services that satisfy the needs and expectations of audiences, and that meet DAAR’s editorial standards. This the essence of the DAAR’s existence. Being visible and active in the community, setting high standards of social, environmental and regulatory responsibility is one of DAAR’s six values. The values of integrity, respect, collegiality and innovation are the foundation of the DAAR’s activities.

DAAR is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and aims to deliver content with integrity, diligence and transparency and acts in the interests of the communities in which it operates. This responsibility ensures that DAAR focuses on the consequences of its decisions and business activities on our society, the marketplace, and the environment. DAAR is committed to fulfilling its objectives across all business and media activities in a manner that is ethical, financially responsible, manages its impact on the environment and people, and is beneficial to the community.

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