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DAAR Communications Plc

The Founder

DAAR Communications Plc was established by High Chief Aleogho Dokpesi who holds a Doctorate Degree in Marine Transport Engineering from the University of Gdansk, Sopot in Poland. For his exemplary, patriotic and selfless service to the country and humanity in general, he was honoured with the National Honours of the Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR) by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in February 14, 2008.

The Company

DAAR Communications Plc is the foremost Independent Broadcast Organization in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The company was incorporated on the 31st of August 1988 as a limited liability company. It converted into a public liability company (Plc) on April 23, 2007.

DAAR Communications Plc pioneered private/independent broadcasting with the establishment of RayPower 100.5FM radio station which debut commercial broadcasting on September 1, 1994 in Alagbado, Lagos upon the deregulation of the broadcast sector in 1993 by Federal Government of Nigeria.

The organization also pioneered global satellite broadcasting on Dec 6, 1996 with the establishment of Africa Indep endent Television (AIT).

On October 7 2008, DAAR Communications Plc formally launched the first fully Nigerian base digital multi-channel direct-to-home subscription TV - Daarsat.

On December 1, 2012 an indigenous station FAAJI FM; that is broadcast basically in Yoruba spiced with some degree of Pidgin English was launched in Lagos the cosmopolitan/economic capital of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Both RayPower FM and Africa Independent Television (AIT) pioneered 24 hour broadcasting in Nigeria.

DAAR Communications Plc is one of Africa's leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment news, and information to a global audience. DAAR Communications Plc owns and operates a valuable portfolio of news and entertainment television networks, we also have significant television production operations in Nigeria.

DAAR Communications Plc is the holding company of the following Strategic Business Units (SUB's):

  • Raypower Radio Services
  • Africa Independent Television (AIT) 
  • DAAR Digital Services (DAARSAT)
  • DAAR News Services
  • DAAR Ventures and Synergy Limited (DVSL)
  • DAAR Education Services (DES)



Corporate Objective - …sharing the African Experience

AIT is motivated by uniquely altruistic aim to promote and methodical project Africa from an African perspective. AIT offers the world a new insight into the African experience. The mission is to enhance global understanding through an untainted appreciation of the world and its people.

AIT provides a fresh slant to television broadcasting with a unique programming theme that shares the African experience with the global community. AIT’s technological base is remarkable and revolutionary, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment in line with global standard. These have effectively positioned Africa Independent Television (AIT) in the league of global broadcast brands.

The programmes exclusively on AIT which has universal appeal and have impacted remarkably on the lives of the citizens of Nigeria particularly and the entire human race which is the constituency of the station are:

1. News

AIT News, AIT News Hour, World News, AIT Reports, The Week in Review

2. Current Affairs

Kaakaki, Focus Nigeria, Matters Arising, Inside The Parliament, Democratic License, Issues in the Niger Delta, Global Views Africa, Security Watch, Frontline

3. Public Enlightenment

Customs Update, AIT Infotech Network, Policy on Trac

4. Business

Money Show, Global Business, Business Africa

5. Musicals

One Mic, Gbedu, Reel E, Shakatawa, Gbedu on the Move, Prime Time Africa, Musical Concerts - specials

6. Sports

Sports Extra, Sports Today, Best of Sports, Sports File

7. Women/Children

Healthy Moment, Leaders of Tomorrow, Cartoons, Our Lady’s Pride

8. Magazine/Talk Shows

The Amazons, Bisi Olatilo Show (BOS)

9. Soap (Uniquely AIT)

The Valley Between

10. Cultural

Mini Jojo & Oro to nlo – Yoruba Language, Yakpotuba – Igbo Language, Ido – Hausa Language, Enjoyment Yafun Yafun – Pidgin English.

11. Tourism (Cultural & Historic Tourism Programme)

Goge Africa

The station also collaborates with some International Television Stations, International Organizations, Nigerian Organizations and Content Providers/Independent Producers for some other programmes that are also aired on AIT i.e. Comedy, Sitcoms, Documentaries, Sporting Events etc.

AIT International

AIT International - "AIT INT'L" is an English language general entertainment channel showing predominantly News, Sports, Current Affairs, Movies, Drama and soap programmes of African origin.

The channel is currently in the General Entertainment genre of the Electronic Programming Guide of SKY Televisionand is  on channel 237 and is seen in the UK & Eire, USA, Canada and parts of Africa such as Sierra-Leone and Ghana. 

AIT International is currently a paid subscription service in the UK & Eire.

AIT Sports

AIT Sport is a department of the AIT Network division providing national sports coverage for AIT Television, radio and online. AIT and RaypowerFM holds the television and radio broadcasting rights to several sports, broadcasting live sports along side critical analysis of events. 


RayPower FM seeks to promote human dignity, orderly development of society, free speech, responsible government and good citizenship.  The programming is basically “infotainment”. Information in content and excitingly entertaining. RayPower is a real celebration of contemporary African life and a promotion of values that enhances human dignity.The programmes are designed for general listen ing. RayPower prides itself as the radio station of reference in Nigeria in terms of the latest musical works and the breaking of topical news Stories in the country, some parts of Africa, the United States of America and the western world generally. With an array of seasoned Broadcast Journalists, the News and Current Affairs content of the station is unique and topical.The programming repertoire covers all aspect of life and the entertainment world most especially: News, Current Affairs, Politics, Business, Sports, Health, Gender Matters, Youths & Children, Environment, Culture, Religion and Life Style.

Some of the programmes are:

1.Current Affairs:

Ultimate Morning Show, Fact File, Political Platform, Nigeria This Morning, Vision Nigeria, Newspaper Review,

2. Musicals/Entertainment

RayPower Lounge, Sunny Side Up, Soul Serenade, Saturday Afternoon Jamz, Grand Slam, Power Play, Thank God It’s Friday, Primetime Africa, Kennis Music International, RayPower Top Ten Show, Power Express, Bacchanal Time/Calypso Music, Quiet Storm

3. Global Musical Programmes

RayPower Top Ten Countdown, UK Top 40 Countdown, Top 10 Africa, Continental Trip


RayPower Sports, BBC Sports, Milo World of Sports, Sports Tonic, Sports Legends, English Premier League, Sports Round-up, Sports Salsa, Weekend Sports, Mega Sports, Sports World,  

5. News

World News, Window on Africa, City Update, RayPower Headline News, Global News, National News, News Flakes, Nigeria Today

6. Business NewsRayPower Business News, Business Reports on news Bulletins

7. Weather Reports

RayPower Weather Reports


Grandslam, Annual Grammy Awards, RayPower Traffic Update, Live, Shows/OB


Mini Jojo - Yoruba Language, Yakpotuba - Igbo Language, Dada Ido - Hausa Language, Afemai Nekhai- Afemai/Etsako Language, Enjoyment Yafun Yafun – Pidgin Language

10. Magazine/Developmental

Breakfast Show, Frankly Speaking

11. Health Tips

…and other Award Winning Programmes


FAAJI FM is a fully indigenous 24 hour radio station that broadcast basically in Yoruba Language and some degree of Pidgin English. It operates from the cosmopolitan city of Lagos, essentially meant to satisfy the socio-political, economic, cultural, historic, educational, religious and the general entertainment needs of the indigenous people of the Yoruba extraction in the country. The South Western part of the country most especially the city of Lagos; accounts for the greatest percentage of the socio-economic activities in the country hence the need for an indigenous  station that intrinsically, they can related with due to its socio linguistic programming aggregation.

Satellite Television


DAARSAT is DAAR Communications Plc pay-TV service on the digital terrestrial platform. The service which was recently launched will allow customers to receive some of DAARSAT's most popular programming, including live Sports, Documentaries, Hollywood and Nollywood films.

This Direct to Home [DTH] pay-TV offering uses High Definition technology to broadcast a majority of its channels.

To receive this service, customers sign up through a dealer, pay a monthly subscription and are provided with a conventional decoder/digital TV box from which to receive the service from.


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